Vargo Titanium Flint Striker Tool….Small, Light, and Sparky!

This will be a quick review just to get this little lightweight rolling here on the Blog. The Vargo Tool was sent to me a few weeks back by Brian Vargo, the owner. I was initially surprised by its small size, but the weight wasnt a surprise being that I knew it was Ti. My initial impression were: It was a bit small for the hand, but sturdy. I see why they made it small, for ease of carry of course. It had a nice Clip on it for securing it to a strap or thin cord, but you have to be choosy what you clip it too, because the clip isnt very deep. So be Careful about that if you get one. The Clip spring is however strong enough to keep it on the cord if you clip it correctly. It has a Bead Blasted Grey Finish, its about 2.5″ Long (63mm), and literally weighs 0.3oz.(9.2 grams). Also of note is the small side panel and tiny Phillips Head Screw for removal and exchange of the Flint. I also believe, if I’m not mistaken, that the flints are the basic Zippo type and can be easily replaced. I was told also that the BIC flints might work too. Have to look into that.

Here are a few pics of it and its packaging card that it comes with. As you can see by the coin comparison pic, it isnt very big…perfect for a SERE or E&E kit. Very easy to carry, and very very easy to conceal! That is quite important in the E&E game.

A few of us are members over at Zombie Squad, we had the question from a ZSC-018 Member regarding the Ti-Sparker …can it spark when wet…well…I ran it under the tap and began striking. It took a few strikes, but it DID INDEED throw sparks while wet. Note also that my fingers were wet, though you cant really see it in the pics. Like I said, it wasn’t instantaneous, but it DID WORK. Here are pics of the Vargo Ti-Spark in action, being held, and with the water one it, being struck….sparks ‘a flyin. .

Vargo also makes plenty of other products, like the T-Whistle I have here and will review very soon, and the Ti-Multitools made of one flat piece of sheet stock. Not to mention stoves, and all sorts of other great outdoor gear. Check out their site if you want to see their full lineup. –> We are also hoping to review their Mini-Tools soon too. They look damn nice.

Anyways, this is just a quick review to give you all a decent product to look at, and possibly go purchase. The link to this lighter is —> <–I think the $20 price tag is worth it and the tool works damn well.

More pics and testing info to come. We tested it on alcohol pads, cotton balls soaked in triple A ointment, and cotton balls with a bit of hand sanitizer on them. Most kits have Hand Sanitizer these days, so it wasn’t unreasonable to test that option. We are looking to try out ‘charcloth’ and a few other options soon …so stay tuned for that.

Thanks for reading.

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