TRU-SPEC Xtreme BDUs…BEST TRU-SPEC EVER!!! 100% (pic-heavy)

Well, often I receive gear and EDC Items that are less than exciting, some that are great, some that are amazing…and every once in a while, some that are more than I thought they would be. TRU-SPEC has set and re-set the standards for what BDUs should be with this set of gear. When they used the word “Xtreme” in the name of this Gear, they were using it for a very good reason. I venture to guess that its used to describe the Xtreme Amount of abuse and Xtreme level of performance these Pants/Shirt sets can take on. I believe they will take it, and keep asking for more. I cant wait to see how these play out and how they hold up over the next period of testing.

Initial Impressions: Perfect Stitching, Brand Name Multicam Fabric (of Course), BarTacking where needed, top of the line fabrics for ‘trouble spots’ like the ‘Super Fabric’ TRU-SPEC uses on the knees, Numerous pockets and hidden concealment areas, Velcro attachment points for Unit I.D. and other info, lightweight fabric for the shirt where the Tac-Vest would rest, and much much MUCH more. Here are pictures of the TRU-SPEC Drawings for their TRU-SPEC Xtreme BDUs.

These are the TRU-SPEC Xtreme BDU Pants and the TRU-SPEC Xtreme BDU Shirts. the Line drawings are direct from the TRU-SPEC website and are to their design specs. I must say, they literally thought of just about everything. I know there has to be different gear for different situations and environments, and the TRU-SPEC Xtreme BDUs fit the bill quite well for a HUGE variety of scenarios and environments. The upcoming pictures I have taken of the Multicam Gear Set that was sent to me by Ms. Wells will better explain everything I find interesting and everything I see as significant in the design of this gear set. The one thing that is overly evident is TRU-SPEC knows EXACTLY what they are doing, and EXACTLY what their customers want. Please keep in mind that this is just our 1st installment of our reviews on the TRU-SPEC Xtreme BDUs…there will be PLENTY more to come.

Enjoy the pictures and please let me know what you think so far. More will be coming and more updates on how well these beastly Pants and Shirts hold up to our rigorous routine around here. If they can survive GunMetal Gear Blog’s Testing procedures and the wacky things we do on a daily basis, then these will survive anywhere on the planet, and quite likely they will survive on the Moon! Thank you for reading, and a HUGE SPECIAL THANK YOU to Ms. Stephanie Wells in the TRU-SPEC Marketing Dept. You will see many many pics below that will go over certain parts of the pants and shirt in detail. More pics will come soon, these are the initial starting pics. Enjoy.

Front View, Full Gear. Impressive fit and finish…extremely comfortable.

Front View, Full Gear. Impressive fit and finish…extremely comfortable.

Both Side Views, Full Gear. Easy to move in, and no mater which way I turn or bend they remain comfortable.

Above you see the Tru-Spec Xtreme Pants overall design. These Symmetrically designed Trousers are re-enforced in the ‘trouble-spots’ that can rip, tear, or “blow-out” during stressful usage. I was very surprised at how some of the other brands of BDU Pants had a horrible tendency to fail at the worst possible moment. This is simply NOT the case with Tru-Spec Gear. Its reliable, till the end.

Above you see the Pants have a Special Pocket Design that allows for symmetrical carry of Knives, Lights, and sorts of other badass secret squirrel kit. These pants are indeed Symmetrically designed so carry is possible and versatile for a ‘lefty’ or a ‘righty’.

Above you see the Knee Protection Features…T-Spec calls it ‘Super Fabric’…and it is TOUGH STUFF. I haven’t had a chance to take it too far yet, or rip them up much, but I have faith in the T-Spec Lineup, and I know any product or fabrics they use have to be awesome. The Knee Area also has a pocket for the Pads made especially for T-Spec Pants and Shirts.

Above you see the Re-Enforced Elbow Area. T-Spec went above and beyond the call of whats expected with these Elbow Protection features. Double Stitched, Multiple Layers of Rip-Stop Fabric, and more.

Above you see the Sleeves of the Combat Shirt have a Special Pocket Design as well. One which allows for carry of Pens, Cyalume LightSticks, and many other items, as well as attachment of various Unit I.D. Patches with the built-in Velcro Panels. These Combat Shirts are designed so carrying various gear in the sleeves is easy and wearing a Tac-Vest or Armor is more comfortable than with normal BDU Shirts.

Above you see more pics of the Sleeves of the T-Spec Xtreme Combat Shirts. There’s the Sleeves Pockets on the upper arms, and the elbow protection features. You can also clearly see that T-S uses genuine Multicam Fabric from Crye Precision. Many companies dont, and try to pass of fakes…Tru-Spec is the real deal.

Above you see the Sleeve cuffs and the Velcro straps they use to tighten or loosen. Well made, well stitched, and very comfortable. As our testing continues and our entries continue, we will put these sets of gear thru their paces…and I am gonna say now that I firmly believe these will stand the test of time, just as top of the line combat-grade gear should.

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