SnakeDr/Oscar Delta EAUS II Survival Bracelets…Impressive and Unique.

So awhile back we contacted a company called Oscar Delta online. One of the girls in the back had stumbled across his site while searching for SERE Knives and info related to that subject. Usually Chief will give each person a subject or company to research or contact, and find out what they’re making currently or what new stuff is coming out. However sometimes he asks that we look into a specific subject like SERE and/or E&E. In the morning meeting we decided we would write an entire article on E&E and SERE…with help from local experts and various other info sources and friends we knew that were well versed in that field. So anyways, Chief asked that Elaine find info on the tools that were used by US Military and other Operators for SERE/E&E….and as we said above, she came across Oscar Delta. OD came to the top of the listing when these things were searched for…which is generally a good sign. So we researched the company and contacted the owner for further info on who they were, and what they did. They had many many good products, and many items that according to their site, were built just for SERE/E&E.

We requested some specific items that we could use in our Article, and we received them just a little while back. I will give our initial impressions of the items sent: Well Made, Top of the line materials, Good production capabilities, Clearly researched products, specialty made gear only available on OD’s site, Comfortable feel to the bracelets, the ‘End-User’ Adjustment System is well thought out, and very smart, the products specifically used in the bracelets themselves are very nice and built sturdy, the cord comes in many varieties, most of which are custom made and stronger than the average 550. I am sure I likely didnt cover everything we talked about when the team discussed these bracelets, but I think I got the majority of it. Anyways….so lets dive into the bracelets and get it going.

Here below we have the first one we are going to talk about…its the Tan colored one, made of Hybrid Technora, its the (HBT) Bracelet #1265 with the SERE “V” Cutter included. The SERE “V” Cutter looks to be attached with Black Kevlar cord, but I will have to confirm this with SnakeDr.

The bracelet fits my wrist perfectly, thanks to the “End User Adjustment System” that is an idea that belongs 100% to SnakeDr/Oscar Delta and their team. The SERE “V” Cutter is sharper than heck, and has two interlocking blades and a nicely made steel handle that holds both blades. The Bracelet also has a Small BCB Button Compass which is “Military Approved” according to the paperwork included with each bracelet, and load tested up to 24g. The BCB Button Compass is attached on the inside of the Side Release Buckle, as well as a 6mm High Intensity Grade SOLAS Reflective Tape Dot on the outside. The SRB (Side Release Buckle) is certified at a 20kg load rating, and it is made of Acetal or Delrin as its known under the DuPont Patent. The SRB is Food Safe, contoured to fit the curve of your wrist, its easy to undo just by squeezing the two side pieces or “V-Lock” in the middle and sliding it apart. Acetal also wont retain memory of shape, which means it will always remain tight with a firm fit and solid snapping closure. These SRBs are also ‘beefier’ than the average SRB, meaning they have thicker stress points than most other SRBs, and they can take more punishment from tugs, pulls, getting caught on things by accident, etc. In the letter that comes with these, they challenge you to try to pull them apart…well I can tell you it wasn’t easy to do. My Wife couldn’t do it…and neither could any of the other girls in the office. Not only that but it didn’t weaken it when I pulled it apart, and the SRB still functions as if brand new.
There is also a 38mm Elastic Storage Sheath on each SnakeDr Bracelet, which can store a variety of small items. Below there is an upclose shot showing the SERE “V” Cutter, the Hybrid Technora Cord used in this one, and the Elastic Storage Sheath mentioned earlier.


Next up, we have the SnakeDr bracelet that includes the Fire Striker and Ceramic Razor with the Hybrid Technora and Jute Twine Core. The Item number next to this version is #715. Anyways, this one has the same specs as the one above, however it is OD Green, has additional Jute Twine in the core for use in fire starting exercises, a Ceramic Razor, and a Mini Ferro-Rod which is encased in a small piece of paracord.

Next we’re gonna take a look at their “End User Adjustment System”. Below you’ll see the Black SnakeDr Bracelet. It didnt have any special tools in it, just the bracelet. So we’re gonna use to to demonstrate the Adjustment System, how it works, and how to use it. Here is the Bracelet before any adjustments, as it comes from O.D. and the SnakeDr.

I am aware that you guys LOVE to see things tested, so I cut up some various things with the SERE “V” Cutter for you guys to check out. Its sharp, and it can rip thru some shit. I prefer the bigger ones, but this is a SERE Cutter, not a large knife you can carry when you’re not in a SERE Situation. Its meant for last ditch, one last cutting tool to help you escape. There are other uses for it as well, however, this is the one we are focusing on.

If you all are anything like me, you always want to know more about different gear. Here’s a link to Oscar Delta’s site, and there’s plenty of info on there that will lead you to SnakeDr and the other equipment on his site. <–Home Page <–Bracelet Page

I will end with this until my next installment….I have held, used, and worn 11 survival bracelets up until now. From those 11, these 3 are the nicest ones I’ve held and used, hands down. I will be Testing the Fire Striker Version a bit more, and I have plans for the SERE “V” Cutter to be tested more too. However, those will have to wait till next time. I want to also say thank you to Mr. Karl and the whole Oscar Delta Team, as well as the SnakeDr. We appreciate you guys letting us test out and blog about your gear. Keep up the good work, and the unique ideas.

Keep checking back for reviews on the T-72 Hybrid Bootlaces from O.D., the further tests on the Ceramic Razor/FerroRod, and more testing on the SERE “V” Cutter.

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