List of handgun safe brands to avoid

The market scenario is pitiful when it comes to handgun safes.Almost all companies basically import these safes from china and market it under different name.

Almost all of these company are looking to profit from these cheap design and generic locks.

We will not talk about the steel thickness as it does not matter because these devices have other flaws that are more important to discuss.

First is the design-Almost all these safe have some type of gap.So one can reach it with some sort or wire or paper clip, straw etc.They can reach either to the latch or the reset button or both.So the type of lock weather electronic or bio metric is totally a useless advertising.

The second is the bypass lock itself-They are cheap generic locks used to reduce construction price and increase profit.Some require special lock picking device like tubular lock picks -a most commonly used lock in these handgun safes.

Others which have used other kind of bypass locks can also be defeated using other specialized lock picking device.All these device can be ordered from amazon for cheap and there are videos of how to pick different type of locks all over Youtube.

Heck some of these locks are so cheap and useless that they can be open by simple device like paper clips,cable tie etc which need not be even bought.

At first I didn’t wanted to give direct links to these videos or sites because of safety reasons but i guess it is too late since there are already large number of these types of safe in american homes.

So we think its important that you know how vulnerable these safe are so that you can rectify them or at least be alert of the vulnerabilities.A perfect resource for that is

Safety factors that needs to be considered if you have these safes at home.

Covet entry-Safe that can be opened using paperclips,straw,plastic zip tie or tape.These types are totally not recommendable.

If you have these types of safe or plan on buying we would recommend only if you have toddlers but you need to alter it by welding, sealing the holes or changing the lock.

Forced entry=Safe that are somewhat secure to covet entry but can be opened using more than paperclip,straw,plastic zip tie or tape etc,example-using screw driver,lock picking tools  etc which may or may not leave marks and scratches.

These are also not recommendable for permanent storage mainly because a gun is and always be a source of curiosity for a young child and  weather your child have interest or proclivity towards lock-picking or cracking a safe, given the number of handgun safe sold everyday there is a chance few will try to open them and be successful which is in itself fearful to think about.

It will be difficult to point out every gun safe brands in the list here because new brands are and will be popping up every another day.

So what we say you is to look at the design of the safes that has been found to be compromising safety at various online resources like,Tobias analysis of various handgun safe(Google it), Defcon 19 gun safe talk(Google it) or Lock picking lawyer Youtube channel.

We will list some of the safes that are totally no no .And when you look at any other new brands you compare its design.If it is similar to what we discuss for various brands below you certainly should avoid it.

This is because the since almost all of these safes are imported from china,a similar design is bound to have similar vulnerabilities as there is no guidelines on how to manufacture these safes and the companies marketing them have almost no experience in making security devices.

Other than for maybe to secure handguns in vehicles all these models are risky and best avoided if necessary. This list is from

1.)Gunvault-All models.

Gunvault SVB500

Gunvault MV1000,MV500

Gunvault minivault

Gunvault MV1050-19

2.)Sentry all models.

3.)Liberty HDX-150,Liberty Handgun Vault – HD-200 (Exception Liberty HDX-250 with updated design.)

4.)Amazon basics-all models,

5.)Stackon all models.(Exception may be PS 1514-Updated)

6.)RPNB all models,

7.)First watch or Homak all models.

8.)Cacagoo vault






14.)Bald eagle


16.)Big horn safe co.

17.)Bulldog vaults

18.)Homak security




22.)Stealth tactical electronic and bio metric models. (Now improved)

23.)Steel patriot-Only to someone living alone.Opens with Bluetooth app.Also a determined               lockpicker can open the bypass lock

24.)Stop box

25.)Tiger king-Somewhat resistant.But can be pried open for determined lock-picker.

26.)Union safe co.

27.)Vaultek safe-All models.Exception-(Vaultek VT 20 i Upgraded version-printed on the manual)
Wait a minute!! What about all the other sites recommending these safes?

Other sites recommending these safes are either Gun magazine or outdoor sports company trying to sell you any safe that can find advertising flashy or fancy features,but they are just overlooking the safety aspect of these safes.There only source of information is amazon or online retailers and people reviews but as we have said even the top selling product are super vulnerable.

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What can I say about DPx…what can I say about their designs, aesthetics, innovations, choice of materials, serrations, size and shape, sheath design and materials used in the sheaths….what can I truly say with a honest heart and mind??

Honestly, with pure truth, DPx knives are BAD TO THE BONE! I have looked over these knives for a month now while prepping and writing other pieces…and to be perfectly straight with you all, they’re about as close to being the ideal tactical knife as an edged tool can get.

When I first received these…Robert Young Pelton a.k.a. RYP (the main man behind DPx designs, etc.) gave me these instructions (Paraphrasing): “Beat the SH*T out of those knives. Treat them badly, push them as hard as you want, lets see what they can do.” <— I have VERY rarely had any company tell me flat out to “Beat the sh*t out of their knives”. Thats AWESOME!…and it tells you the level of confidence RYP has in his designs and the company making the DPx line….which consequently is LionSteel Italy.

I have handled their entire line up to date, save one folder that is a limited edition. I have chopped up 2″x4″ planks, cut multiple lengths of cord, tried to get the handles so they would loosen and rattle(They wont) by chopping and working the knife excessively hard, and cut multiple pieces of Cardboard, which any true knife aficionado knows dulls knives with a quickness…and these knives…these DPx Knives…they just wont quit. I tried to get them to….believe me! We already recently took the HEFT 6 into the Meat Testing Arena to see what kin doff damage it would inflict in Flesh. Well people, for the first time when testing anything, I actually WASNT surprised. Wanna know why, check out the pics.

So they need to be shown, you all need to see what I see now that these have been used. The blade edge still looks good & clean, the black finish is still decent, the sheath is great, the serrations are still sharp, and then some.

There are MANY knives and sizes to choose from in the DPx and/or Blackwater line up.

You have the DPx HEST II Assault, Specs to follow:
Blade length: 3.15” / 80.01 mm
Blade thickness: 0.19” / 4.70 mm
Overall length: 7.63” / 193.80 mm
Weight: 4.80 oz / 136.08 g
Blade Steel: Black satin TiCN PVD-coated Niolox tool steel blade with 61 Rockwell hardness
Hollow handle
Unique wire stripper jimping and hard lashing points
Thumb grip/bottle opener
American Black G10 scales
Black CORDURA® sheath
Lifetime no-questions-asked warranty
304 stainless steel hybrid slotted/Allen screws
1/4” hex dr iver
Designed by Robert Young Pelton
Handmade by LionSTEEL® in Maniago, Northern Italy

To Purchase the H.E.S.T. II Assault Model, please go to:

Then you have the next size up, the DPx HEFT 4 Assault:

Blade length: 3.94” / 100.08 mm
Blade thickness: 0.19” / 4.83 mm
Overall length: 9.05” / 229.87 mm
Weight: 7.05 oz / 199.86 g
Blade Steel: German Niolox steel blade with 61 Rockwell hardness and black satin TiCN PVD coating
Handle Features: Hollow handle with 304 stainless steel hybrid slotted/Allen screws
1/4” magnetized hex driver
Integrated striker pommel, bottle opener, lanyard hole and lashing points
Contoured Black American G10 scales
Black CORDURA sheath
Lifetime, no-questions-asked warranty
Designed by Tommaso Rumici & Robert Young Pelton
Made by LionSTEEL® in Maniago, Northern Italy

To Purchase the H.E.F.T. 4 Assault Model, please go to:

Of course the next size up is the beastly DPx HEFT 6 Assault:

Blade length: 5.75” / 146.05 mm
Blade thickness: 0.19” / 4.83 mm
Overall length: 11.22” / 284.99 mm
Weight: 10.23oz / 290.02g
Blade Steel: Sleipner steel with 60 HRC with PVD black coating
Handle Features: Hollow handle with 304 hybrid slotted/Allen screws
Integrated striker pommel, pr y bar, lanyard hole and lashing points
Contoured Black American G10
Black CORDURA® sheath
Lifetime, no-questions-asked warranty
Designed by Tommaso Rumici & Robert Young Pelton
Made by LionSTEEL® in Maniago, Northern Italy

To Purchase the H.E.F.T. 6 Assault Model, please go to:


And then you move on the the DPx Folder, an example of “how its supposed to be done” among Knives, and a beast in your hand, The DPx HEST/F 2.0 Olive Drab:

Open length: 7.63″
Closed length: 4.93″
Blade (max thickness): 0.197″
Blade length: 3.67″
Cutting edge: 3.10″
Titanium alloy frame thickness: 0.165″
G10 scale thickness: 0.165″
Weight: 5.1 ounces
-Blade is German D2 tool steel polished then milspec phosphate coated
-Tumble finish 6AL4v GR5 Titanium Alloy frame and spring frame lock
-Patented LionSTEEL RotoBlock(R) system
-American-made G10 handle scale (OD Green)
-Removable stainless steel clip and glass breaker (comes with replacement smooth head screw)
with integrated lanyard attachment
-1/4″ hex driver
-Unique wire stripper, jimping and hard lashing points
-Thumb grip/bottle opener
Note: Knife includes a unique, collectible Mr. DP skull adjustment tool which is used to adjust the pivot tension and remove/replace the glass breaker screw with an included flat screw. The tool may also be used as a handy EDC by itself. (From the site)

To Purchase the H.E.S.T. F 2.0 Folder Model, please go to:

DPx also, in partnership with Blackwater, designed and had specific knives made for Blackwater USA and their operators. Made by LionSteel of Italy, to the exacting specs that DPx demands, and Lionsteel Delivers.

The Blackwater Grizzly is up 1st:
Overall Length: 11.18″ (284mm)
Blade Length: 6.00″ (150mm)
Blade Thickness: 0.20″ (5mm)
Weight:10.23 oz (290g)
Steel Type: Sleipner steel with 60 HRC with PVD black coating
Handles: Black G10
Manufactured by LionSTEEL in Maniago, Italy
To Purchase the Grizzly Model, please go to:


Next up is the Blackwater Ursa Fixed Blade:
Overall Length: 11.38″ (289mm)
Blade Length: 5.95″ (151mm)
Blade Thickness: 0.24″ (6mm)
Weight: 11.10 oz (315 g)
Steel Type: Sleipner steel with 60 HRC with PVD black coating
Handles: Black G10
Manufactured by LionSTEEL in Maniago, Italy
To Purchase the Ursa Model, please go to:

And finally…the Blackwater SpecWar Knife, made for and only available to NSW:
Its specs are as follows….

Blade length: 3.94” / 100.08 mm
Blade thickness: 0.19” / 4.83 mm
Overall length: 9.05” / 229.87 mm
Weight: 7.05 oz / 199.86 g
Steel Type: Elmax Stainless (PVD Coating)
Handles: Black G10
Manufactured by LionSTEEL in Maniago, Italy

…Which are very similar to the DPx HEFT 4…save a few details like the Blade Steel which is Elmax, and the Handle Medallion, etc. Another interesting fact about this knife: Its esigned to keep a sharp edge for up to a 3 month deployment. More interesting info an facts about this knife in the article linked below.
There is a great article on this knife on the Blackwater SpecWar Knife.

To Purchase a Blackwater/DPx SpecWar Knife please email Terran Bellamy at: [email protected]
He can also have your SpecWar Customized to your Unit in various ways.
NOTE- SpecWar Knife only available to Active Duty military.

One problem Solider face with knives is: “What happens if I break this thing during normal use? What happens if it gets so badly damaged I cant use it anymore?” Well, DPx and Robery Young Pelton have taken care of those worries with literally the BEST Knife warranty for Soldiers, in the business: They will replace any broken knife, no questions asked, and if your knife needs to be fixed, they will even send you a “LOANER” Knife until yours is fixed and ready to deploy again. I have personally never heard of a warrantee like this, and I’m pretty certain it will become the standard among the best knife companies. Just remember, DPx set that standard…and they set it only 2 years out of the gate. Thats badass and pretty much unheard of! GREAT JOB DPX TEAM!

I want to extend a MASSIVELY HUGE Thank you to Mr. Pelton for his generosity and speediness when shipping product. I also want to say Thank You to the entire DPx Team for their great work and awesome customer service.

When it comes to choosing a knife you can afford, one you want to accompany out into the forest while hunting, or on your MOLLE Rig with you in the SandBox, Overseas, or even to Mars, look only as far as your local DPx Dealer or ( ).

Lemme make this abundantly clear, DPx is like the AK47 of knives, you will give up and quit LONG before they do.

-Chief Out-

Normally we would be done here, but because we didnt get any decent pics of the 2×4 tests we did or some of the other tasks we put the DPx line to, we took the HEFT6 Assault and the HEST F 2.0 to the limit to see what sort of biological damage they can produce on a ‘once living’ target….a.k.a. “MEAT TESTING”
SO…HERE WE GO! First, we did the HEFT 6 Assault Fixed Blade…Then we have the H.E.S.T F 2.0 Folder and the cutting damage and piercing damage each can deliver. They say: “The Proof is in the Pudding”…in this case, I believe: “The Proof is in the Meat.” Take a good hard look at the depth of each cut, the straight lines that each blade cuts(No “Rips”, only slicing), and the risidual flesh left on the Serrations of the HEFT 6 Assault Fixed Blade. You can clearly see the amount of damage that is not only possible, but easily doable. When I sliced thru the meat, it felt like I was using a Laser more than I was using a Knife. There was almost NO resistance… thats rare.
Further Proof of the Quality of the DPx line up and the forward thought ability of Robert Young Pelton. If you ask me, DPx is one of THE Companies to keep your eye on in the future for knives. Like I said above….YOU will quit and give up LONG before your DPx Knife will.

Thank you for reading. Keep yourself safe and always use caution when using any sort of edged tool or otherwise. Customers and readers assume all risk and liability.


SnakeDr/Oscar Delta EAUS II Survival Bracelets…Impressive and Unique.

So awhile back we contacted a company called Oscar Delta online. One of the girls in the back had stumbled across his site while searching for SERE Knives and info related to that subject. Usually Chief will give each person a subject or company to research or contact, and find out what they’re making currently or what new stuff is coming out. However sometimes he asks that we look into a specific subject like SERE and/or E&E. In the morning meeting we decided we would write an entire article on E&E and SERE…with help from local experts and various other info sources and friends we knew that were well versed in that field. So anyways, Chief asked that Elaine find info on the tools that were used by US Military and other Operators for SERE/E&E….and as we said above, she came across Oscar Delta. OD came to the top of the listing when these things were searched for…which is generally a good sign. So we researched the company and contacted the owner for further info on who they were, and what they did. They had many many good products, and many items that according to their site, were built just for SERE/E&E.

We requested some specific items that we could use in our Article, and we received them just a little while back. I will give our initial impressions of the items sent: Well Made, Top of the line materials, Good production capabilities, Clearly researched products, specialty made gear only available on OD’s site, Comfortable feel to the bracelets, the ‘End-User’ Adjustment System is well thought out, and very smart, the products specifically used in the bracelets themselves are very nice and built sturdy, the cord comes in many varieties, most of which are custom made and stronger than the average 550. I am sure I likely didnt cover everything we talked about when the team discussed these bracelets, but I think I got the majority of it. Anyways….so lets dive into the bracelets and get it going.

Here below we have the first one we are going to talk about…its the Tan colored one, made of Hybrid Technora, its the (HBT) Bracelet #1265 with the SERE “V” Cutter included. The SERE “V” Cutter looks to be attached with Black Kevlar cord, but I will have to confirm this with SnakeDr.

The bracelet fits my wrist perfectly, thanks to the “End User Adjustment System” that is an idea that belongs 100% to SnakeDr/Oscar Delta and their team. The SERE “V” Cutter is sharper than heck, and has two interlocking blades and a nicely made steel handle that holds both blades. The Bracelet also has a Small BCB Button Compass which is “Military Approved” according to the paperwork included with each bracelet, and load tested up to 24g. The BCB Button Compass is attached on the inside of the Side Release Buckle, as well as a 6mm High Intensity Grade SOLAS Reflective Tape Dot on the outside. The SRB (Side Release Buckle) is certified at a 20kg load rating, and it is made of Acetal or Delrin as its known under the DuPont Patent. The SRB is Food Safe, contoured to fit the curve of your wrist, its easy to undo just by squeezing the two side pieces or “V-Lock” in the middle and sliding it apart. Acetal also wont retain memory of shape, which means it will always remain tight with a firm fit and solid snapping closure. These SRBs are also ‘beefier’ than the average SRB, meaning they have thicker stress points than most other SRBs, and they can take more punishment from tugs, pulls, getting caught on things by accident, etc. In the letter that comes with these, they challenge you to try to pull them apart…well I can tell you it wasn’t easy to do. My Wife couldn’t do it…and neither could any of the other girls in the office. Not only that but it didn’t weaken it when I pulled it apart, and the SRB still functions as if brand new.
There is also a 38mm Elastic Storage Sheath on each SnakeDr Bracelet, which can store a variety of small items. Below there is an upclose shot showing the SERE “V” Cutter, the Hybrid Technora Cord used in this one, and the Elastic Storage Sheath mentioned earlier.


Next up, we have the SnakeDr bracelet that includes the Fire Striker and Ceramic Razor with the Hybrid Technora and Jute Twine Core. The Item number next to this version is #715. Anyways, this one has the same specs as the one above, however it is OD Green, has additional Jute Twine in the core for use in fire starting exercises, a Ceramic Razor, and a Mini Ferro-Rod which is encased in a small piece of paracord.

Next we’re gonna take a look at their “End User Adjustment System”. Below you’ll see the Black SnakeDr Bracelet. It didnt have any special tools in it, just the bracelet. So we’re gonna use to to demonstrate the Adjustment System, how it works, and how to use it. Here is the Bracelet before any adjustments, as it comes from O.D. and the SnakeDr.

I am aware that you guys LOVE to see things tested, so I cut up some various things with the SERE “V” Cutter for you guys to check out. Its sharp, and it can rip thru some shit. I prefer the bigger ones, but this is a SERE Cutter, not a large knife you can carry when you’re not in a SERE Situation. Its meant for last ditch, one last cutting tool to help you escape. There are other uses for it as well, however, this is the one we are focusing on.

If you all are anything like me, you always want to know more about different gear. Here’s a link to Oscar Delta’s site, and there’s plenty of info on there that will lead you to SnakeDr and the other equipment on his site. <–Home Page <–Bracelet Page

I will end with this until my next installment….I have held, used, and worn 11 survival bracelets up until now. From those 11, these 3 are the nicest ones I’ve held and used, hands down. I will be Testing the Fire Striker Version a bit more, and I have plans for the SERE “V” Cutter to be tested more too. However, those will have to wait till next time. I want to also say thank you to Mr. Karl and the whole Oscar Delta Team, as well as the SnakeDr. We appreciate you guys letting us test out and blog about your gear. Keep up the good work, and the unique ideas.

Keep checking back for reviews on the T-72 Hybrid Bootlaces from O.D., the further tests on the Ceramic Razor/FerroRod, and more testing on the SERE “V” Cutter.


TRU-SPEC Xtreme BDUs…BEST TRU-SPEC EVER!!! 100% (pic-heavy)

Well, often I receive gear and EDC Items that are less than exciting, some that are great, some that are amazing…and every once in a while, some that are more than I thought they would be. TRU-SPEC has set and re-set the standards for what BDUs should be with this set of gear. When they used the word “Xtreme” in the name of this Gear, they were using it for a very good reason. I venture to guess that its used to describe the Xtreme Amount of abuse and Xtreme level of performance these Pants/Shirt sets can take on. I believe they will take it, and keep asking for more. I cant wait to see how these play out and how they hold up over the next period of testing.

Initial Impressions: Perfect Stitching, Brand Name Multicam Fabric (of Course), BarTacking where needed, top of the line fabrics for ‘trouble spots’ like the ‘Super Fabric’ TRU-SPEC uses on the knees, Numerous pockets and hidden concealment areas, Velcro attachment points for Unit I.D. and other info, lightweight fabric for the shirt where the Tac-Vest would rest, and much much MUCH more. Here are pictures of the TRU-SPEC Drawings for their TRU-SPEC Xtreme BDUs.

These are the TRU-SPEC Xtreme BDU Pants and the TRU-SPEC Xtreme BDU Shirts. the Line drawings are direct from the TRU-SPEC website and are to their design specs. I must say, they literally thought of just about everything. I know there has to be different gear for different situations and environments, and the TRU-SPEC Xtreme BDUs fit the bill quite well for a HUGE variety of scenarios and environments. The upcoming pictures I have taken of the Multicam Gear Set that was sent to me by Ms. Wells will better explain everything I find interesting and everything I see as significant in the design of this gear set. The one thing that is overly evident is TRU-SPEC knows EXACTLY what they are doing, and EXACTLY what their customers want. Please keep in mind that this is just our 1st installment of our reviews on the TRU-SPEC Xtreme BDUs…there will be PLENTY more to come.

Enjoy the pictures and please let me know what you think so far. More will be coming and more updates on how well these beastly Pants and Shirts hold up to our rigorous routine around here. If they can survive GunMetal Gear Blog’s Testing procedures and the wacky things we do on a daily basis, then these will survive anywhere on the planet, and quite likely they will survive on the Moon! Thank you for reading, and a HUGE SPECIAL THANK YOU to Ms. Stephanie Wells in the TRU-SPEC Marketing Dept. You will see many many pics below that will go over certain parts of the pants and shirt in detail. More pics will come soon, these are the initial starting pics. Enjoy.

Front View, Full Gear. Impressive fit and finish…extremely comfortable.

Front View, Full Gear. Impressive fit and finish…extremely comfortable.

Both Side Views, Full Gear. Easy to move in, and no mater which way I turn or bend they remain comfortable.

Above you see the Tru-Spec Xtreme Pants overall design. These Symmetrically designed Trousers are re-enforced in the ‘trouble-spots’ that can rip, tear, or “blow-out” during stressful usage. I was very surprised at how some of the other brands of BDU Pants had a horrible tendency to fail at the worst possible moment. This is simply NOT the case with Tru-Spec Gear. Its reliable, till the end.

Above you see the Pants have a Special Pocket Design that allows for symmetrical carry of Knives, Lights, and sorts of other badass secret squirrel kit. These pants are indeed Symmetrically designed so carry is possible and versatile for a ‘lefty’ or a ‘righty’.

Above you see the Knee Protection Features…T-Spec calls it ‘Super Fabric’…and it is TOUGH STUFF. I haven’t had a chance to take it too far yet, or rip them up much, but I have faith in the T-Spec Lineup, and I know any product or fabrics they use have to be awesome. The Knee Area also has a pocket for the Pads made especially for T-Spec Pants and Shirts.

Above you see the Re-Enforced Elbow Area. T-Spec went above and beyond the call of whats expected with these Elbow Protection features. Double Stitched, Multiple Layers of Rip-Stop Fabric, and more.

Above you see the Sleeves of the Combat Shirt have a Special Pocket Design as well. One which allows for carry of Pens, Cyalume LightSticks, and many other items, as well as attachment of various Unit I.D. Patches with the built-in Velcro Panels. These Combat Shirts are designed so carrying various gear in the sleeves is easy and wearing a Tac-Vest or Armor is more comfortable than with normal BDU Shirts.

Above you see more pics of the Sleeves of the T-Spec Xtreme Combat Shirts. There’s the Sleeves Pockets on the upper arms, and the elbow protection features. You can also clearly see that T-S uses genuine Multicam Fabric from Crye Precision. Many companies dont, and try to pass of fakes…Tru-Spec is the real deal.

Above you see the Sleeve cuffs and the Velcro straps they use to tighten or loosen. Well made, well stitched, and very comfortable. As our testing continues and our entries continue, we will put these sets of gear thru their paces…and I am gonna say now that I firmly believe these will stand the test of time, just as top of the line combat-grade gear should.


Vargo Titanium Flint Striker Tool….Small, Light, and Sparky!

This will be a quick review just to get this little lightweight rolling here on the Blog. The Vargo Tool was sent to me a few weeks back by Brian Vargo, the owner. I was initially surprised by its small size, but the weight wasnt a surprise being that I knew it was Ti. My initial impression were: It was a bit small for the hand, but sturdy. I see why they made it small, for ease of carry of course. It had a nice Clip on it for securing it to a strap or thin cord, but you have to be choosy what you clip it too, because the clip isnt very deep. So be Careful about that if you get one. The Clip spring is however strong enough to keep it on the cord if you clip it correctly. It has a Bead Blasted Grey Finish, its about 2.5″ Long (63mm), and literally weighs 0.3oz.(9.2 grams). Also of note is the small side panel and tiny Phillips Head Screw for removal and exchange of the Flint. I also believe, if I’m not mistaken, that the flints are the basic Zippo type and can be easily replaced. I was told also that the BIC flints might work too. Have to look into that.

Here are a few pics of it and its packaging card that it comes with. As you can see by the coin comparison pic, it isnt very big…perfect for a SERE or E&E kit. Very easy to carry, and very very easy to conceal! That is quite important in the E&E game.

A few of us are members over at Zombie Squad, we had the question from a ZSC-018 Member regarding the Ti-Sparker …can it spark when wet…well…I ran it under the tap and began striking. It took a few strikes, but it DID INDEED throw sparks while wet. Note also that my fingers were wet, though you cant really see it in the pics. Like I said, it wasn’t instantaneous, but it DID WORK. Here are pics of the Vargo Ti-Spark in action, being held, and with the water one it, being struck….sparks ‘a flyin. .

Vargo also makes plenty of other products, like the T-Whistle I have here and will review very soon, and the Ti-Multitools made of one flat piece of sheet stock. Not to mention stoves, and all sorts of other great outdoor gear. Check out their site if you want to see their full lineup. –> We are also hoping to review their Mini-Tools soon too. They look damn nice.

Anyways, this is just a quick review to give you all a decent product to look at, and possibly go purchase. The link to this lighter is —> <–I think the $20 price tag is worth it and the tool works damn well.

More pics and testing info to come. We tested it on alcohol pads, cotton balls soaked in triple A ointment, and cotton balls with a bit of hand sanitizer on them. Most kits have Hand Sanitizer these days, so it wasn’t unreasonable to test that option. We are looking to try out ‘charcloth’ and a few other options soon …so stay tuned for that.

Thanks for reading.